Field Leather Notebooks

Field Leather Notebooks

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We love the simplicity and functionality of the classic note-taking booklet, Field Notes, and designed a leather cover for their 48-page memo books. Our Field Leather Notebook is handmade includes two card holders and a main pocket.  Get ready and take it to the field.


  • 4.25" x 6.375"
  • Includes Field Notes

Wear & Care -

We build leather goods you’ll enjoy and likely pass down to the next generation.

Goods are built to last and while we don’t expect to hear from you anytime soon, we’ll offer a few suggestions on care. Over time, the leather will soften from wear, the oil in your hands and all around use. Direct sun will also darken leather goods. Our favorite all around leather care to help clean, soften and preserve is BlackRock Leather ‘N’ Rich.

Lifelong Guarantee-

We guarantee our work and while we have never had to repair any of the goods we’ve built, we’ll gladly honor repairs and likely post the story because it will have to be something epic!