Mission Mercantile | White Wing Goods

When we opened our store in 2014, we quickly recognized our customers needs for quality luggage. Soon we found a great partner in White Wing. Offering luggage, dopp kits, outdoor game bags and gun cases. Over time, this company rebranded as Mission Mercantile but continued to construct the same high quality luggage that we all so desired. 

Their exhaustive attention to detail and quality control means that every single stitch and hammer is carefully considered, utilizing only authentic materials, chosen with longevity in mind. All Mission Mercantile products are made for many lifetimes, designed to improve with age, accumulating distinction and character as future heirlooms worthy of being passed down for generations.

In these challenging times for small businesses, MM has opened their doors to our customers providing a complete collection of goods that can be ordered online by visiting: 


Our favorite square shave kit - 

Another customer favorite, padded pistol case-

More hunting and outdoor goods -